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Ruairi Bard Guild Recruiting

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Hello. ^^

I recently started up a bard guild in Ruairi, my main and only server.

My guild is called Arpeggio and the guild stone is at the entrance of the bard camp.


I am trying to recruit in game but it seems that any active bards/music lovers either do not want to leave their guild or do not want to be in one as it normally is. QwQ

I thought that recruiting here would be the best place since it is full of just bards. ;w;


I think it would be great if we could hold concerts on Ruairi like they do on Alexina. >w<;; We just need to organize together.


Any Ruairians let me know if you would like to join or want more information. ^^;;

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make sure to post in the mabi forums itself. it helps to get bards and people to help for concerts like i did before Pokermonher01 helped me out. :) I wish you all the best of luck in this endeavor :) If you ever need questions or advice feel free to ask

That is a good idea thank you! ^^ I truly hope Ruairi's bard community will become bigger and more joined together, at least the ones that would like to. ._.;;

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I would help, but my bard ranks on Ruairi are nil. And my main focus right now is on magic talent, so I'm not starting on bard skills anytime soon.

As such, I can't make scores without slaving someone to do it for me.

Once I master mage, and get started on bard right afterwards, I may consider leaving my guild to join yours.

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