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So, I've been watching this anime called Charlotte.

The story is based of some students with rare superpowers, but uses their power for good instead for them selves.

Give this anime a rating between 1 out of 10

For me, personally I would go for 9/10

because the OP was made by Lia (same person that made some songs for Angel Beats and Clannad)

Oh! and...




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It's one of the best shows of this season. Misa is actually my type but considering the powers are supposed to disappear after some time... yeah that won't end well for me.

Also, Nao might as well have like 3 or so personalities that she randomly switches between. Indifferent, cutesy, violent...

That's true ^

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Meh, it really didn't catch my interest to be fair, tried watching but found it pretty 'meh'. The only current-release anime that has gained my interests at the moment are Shokugeki no Soma (was already a fan/collector of the manga before the anime was announced) and Overlord (since it took the whole 'trapped in a game' genre to a more epic/badass level)

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