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[Alexina] Concert 8/8/2015 [Tarlach??]

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Time for the Concert, I hope you're all prepared because I'm not :hahaha:
I need to work on making more MML :sigh: but I have zero motivation most the time :maikka:
We hope you enjoy this concert because our dear Viersell has planned to start us off with who knows what song but It is surely to be amazing.
So let's go to Emain Macha, Stage Channel 6 at 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern.
Who knows what surprises this concert will have. We don't even know since we even let the audience perform so it's up to you whether or not it will be a bust or an amazing fun night.

On another note time for you to know something new. We always wanted the concerts to be in every server but let's face it. There isn't enough of us to even watch two servers. That's why it's quiet possible that our dear Falaflame, will be opening her own concert with her friends. So if you're in Tarlach and always wanted to go to a concert I suggest you PM Fala offering your help.

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