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[Alexina] Rules for Concert

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Back in march with Dex's help and many others I was able to do something I never thought I'd see still on going and happening, a Little concert in the quiet town of Emain.
Now months later with the Help of Pokemonher01, Alynnia80, XDEXOPPAI and countless others this little concert has become a staple in ch 6 and for that I am forever grateful. 

2 Saturdays ago I was upset and torn because of a young girl slandering some of our LGBT Bards and Audience members.
and last Saturday I was told in pm that she was doing it again.

So I'd like to take some time and remind people here and on the Mabi Fourms (which I am posting to next) of the common rules I set fourth when making this concert and taking time away from training and guild and other things to do this every Saturday.

Rules of the concert:
1: No Overplaying the Players on stage
2: No Unneeded Lag (IE: Demi/PVP/EVG/Pet Spamming/Fireball/Meteor, etc)
3: NO Dueling. Please if you wish to have a duel take to the town center or away from the stage so the people can enjoy the concert who have sounds on
4: No Drama, Period. You cause it you will be blacklisted by all the players and players attending, if you cont you will be reported
5: No Harassment or slandering of any kind, if you are found doing so you will be reported immediately 
6: Unless you are part of the band playing a solo, jam or one of the concert staff or helpers please stay of the stage when a player is playing (dancing or leaving roses gold gems etc is ok, but standing there spamming rest nope you will be BL'd)
7: The backstage has two line, to the left is the main line up for jams and solos. the right is for the band members of the jam
8: Single File lines, no line cutting, you may have a friend or someone hold your spot while u get a score or test a score in hs etc
9: NO STEALING Credit for other players scores, if you are found stealing another players work you will be banned from the concert permantly
and lastly 10: Have fun (I know i was all serious now i'm playful)


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