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[Alexina] Emain Concert 6/20/2015

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Time for the Concert Saturday Night~! Woot Woot~ Bring all of your friends~! Cause major lag~! Okay, please don't that was a metaphor! :hot:

Bard are all Welcome~! Even if you're not a Bard you can come and enjoy the music! Heck whether you just started playing the lute or have all the instruments there is cause you're just that boss:hahaha:

This is a place where all genres of music is allowed~! We just ask you do not overplay, PVP, or insult others music.

The Concert is located at Emain Macha, Stage we begin 2 hours Prior to the Banquet

in case you don't know that means

5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern Time

Please come I will be sad and alone if you don't :lonely:

Like most other days now:sob:

But I am sure Alynnia will give us all a Lovely song that makes us feel Happy to hear :onsen:but hatred for Alynnia since it's so dang good:pissedmode:

Come on Down Somnium is always having fun doing this c: We play in channel 6 :D

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