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[Alexina] Emain Stage Concert 6/13/2015

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Today, is the day like every Saturday when we of the Somnium Guild invite bards from all over to come and play their music :D

if you're from another server sorry we're not in all Servers just Alexina :banzai:

But we hope that if you get the chance you'll make an Alternate Character and participate, I'd be happy to make your scrolls ^~^, We just don't want you to be sad because you can't participate :dark:

Time will be:

5pm Pacific/ 7pm Central/ 8pm Eastern


Emain Macha, Stage


Well obviously like all the other times ch6.

If you're having your doubts about how great Alexina is ask Kyandoru ( Or now know as Lizvetta on Alexina) she made an Alt on Alexina to participate in the concerts and is now a Permanent resident ^~^. Congrats on finishing all generation storylines on your 3 week mark~! We're so proud of you in Somnium and love you~! (especially me :blush: more then Anny :hahaha:)

Bring your friends or watch from a friends screen if you're not in Alexina~!


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