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Selling list for Alexina server. Mostly cheap stuff you might want. :D

Fixed Dye Ampoule (207,0,0) - 700k
Blacksmithing Manual (Liberty Saber) - 500k
Sewing Pattern (Eyepatch) - 200k
Trainee Wooden Blade - 200k
Feather Sword (Green) - 200k
Dungeon Orb Figure - 200k
Romeo Transformation Medal: 300k
Kelpie Transformation Medal: 200k
Life Skill Training Potion: 100k
Otter ES - 50k
Macha Coin (6 Crit) - 50k
Morrighan Coin (5 Dmg) - 50k
Siren's Glasses (2) - 50k
Lightless Metal Fragment: 50k
Transportation Helper Ogre Transformation Medal: 50k
Starry Wiard Hat: 50k
Fine Leather: 50k/stack
Finest Leather: 20k/stack
Snowflake Hair Pin - 25k
Macha Coin (4 Crit) - 25k
Amplified ES: 25k
Pirate ES: 25k
Ingots: 10k/stack
Average Firewood (5) - 10k
Winged Wizard Hat - 10k
Thin Thread: 5k/stack
Various Gems - 1k per cm, 10k per cm if Diamond

I'm flexible with prices, so these are not final! Note Tetsaiken for offers! Or post here. O.o

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