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Vulpix's Selling Thread

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Hey guys. New to Mabi-Beats forums and I'll be keeping this thread updated with what I'm buying selling.

Note/Add VXLR8 for all offers/purchases




Buying List

Shadow Crystals

Potent: 60K ea.

Potent Fine: 70K ea.

Potent Finest: 80K ea.

Selling List

 Event Items:

~Trans Medals: 

Hamelin x2

Crystal Ball x1

Mysterious Cat x1

Romeo x1

Golden Monkey x1

Clothing Items:


(M) Skates: 1.5M


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​You can. I have an alexina main, don't forget. D:
This is why having a signature would be so handy. I wonder why it's taking so long to get implemented.

​Hmm I never knew you could send out items to other servers xD. I was somewhat preoccupied yesterday, so I will most likely send out 5 stacks of each pot to start out with.

If you need more of a certain type just tell me :D

I also have plenty of spare 300s in stam and mana if you also need those

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