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[Fulfilled] Effie's theme, "A Lost Music Box"

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Preferably for Lyre. Whoever's giving this a shot doesn't have to go after 1:54, when the violin comes in. I'm rank 6 composing, so 950 melody, 450 harmony 1, 200 harmony 2. Would be good if it were kept under those numbers. I'll rank this skill one day... one day... *clenches fists in determination*

If it's already made, please link me and just leave this thread to be locked or deleted.

Thanks in advance~


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Ah love this theme. Not too advanced, I prefer hand chimes but works well with lyre too. Here at RANK C:

[email protected]+a>c+df+f+<eg+bg+>e<g+eg+ab&b>e<f+g+ab>ef+<def+g+>f+e<eg+ab>f+e<g+b>c+d&df+<f+g+ab>ef+<def+g+>dd<eg+ab>ee<c+g+ab>ef+<f+g+ab>g+e<def+g+n61beg+ab>g+e<f+g+ab>g+e<f+g+ab&b>e<def+g+abef+g+a>de<c+def+g+aev12f+g+av8>ef+<df+g+av3b>c+,l1.rrrrrrrrl8r.f+a>c+df+f+<eg+bg+>e<g+eg+ab&b>e<f+g+ab>ef+<def+g+>f+e<eg+ab>f+e<g+b>c+d&df+<f+g+ab>ef+<def+g+>dd<eg+ab>ee<c+g+ab>ef+<f+g+ab>g+e<def+g+n61beg+ab>g+e<f+g+ab>g+e<f+g+ab&b>e<def+g+abef+g+a>de<c+def+g+aef+,v15>d2f+baeeg+.l8af+2ef+f+2f+el4f+af+g+2.b2e8f+8f+edg+f+e>c+2l8<ef+a2g+ed2c+c-b2g+el2.f+rd2l4>e<babe8g+.a8a8f+2n73f+>c+dn66edn68c+ec-ef+r2d<g+f+>dc+2e<a2l8g+ed2c+de2g+ef+2l4>c+r2f+<a2.b;

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