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Kayleitha´s little Itemshop

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Hello i got some items i dont need and i want to sell them, meybe you need something.

I dont got some prices, so just make a fair offer no trolling or noob offers plz.



Edern Wig

Berched Wig

Battle School Mask

Skate Helmet

Nutcracker Hat

Tara Inf. Boots (G)

Zorro Boots

Nutcracker Boots

Elatha´s Boots

Premium Elf Winter Newbie Wear

Bohemian Wear 2/2

Elatha Costume

Classic Couple Suit

Hamlet´s Outfit SOLD

Doctor´s Gown

Dragon Scale Giant Armor

Bat Jacket

Red Lunar New Year Costume

Snowflake Coat

Pilot Outfit

Police Officer Uniform

Anti Formor Earring



Asuna ALO Shoes

Heart Queen Mini Boots

Women´s Heart Suit

Women´s Spade Outfit

Swan Lake Outfit

Andras Wear    SOLD

Premium Giant Winter Newbie Wear

Premium Winter Newbie Wear

Asuna SAO Shoes

Ronin Outfit (Black) SOLD

Ronin Shoes (Black) SOLD

Hebona Circlet 2/2

Night wich Dress/Hat/Boots (Original Color)

Rhetio Rabbit Boots/Hat

Lady Waffle Cone (Full Set)


Items that meybe will be :

Avelin Armor/Gauntlets/Greaves

Police Officer Outfit/Boots/Hat (Black)


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