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The Re:Compose Project

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Hello everyone. As you have been seeing, I have been toiling to remake every song I have composed in the past,

while also improving it as much as possible.

This project has been very long and still isn't even half finished. But I consider it worth the effort, to have super nice quality music for everyone.


Things that are supposed to be done:

-Give every track of a song the tempo markers. (This is known as the easiest way to "Chime-Proof" songs)

-Give every track of a song a rest at the start. (To allow people to join in Freestyle Jams without losing too many starter notes)

-Fix notes that sound weird, and add missing flairs and other accompainments, while still managing to be inside NEW mabi limits. (1600, 1200, 900)

-When appropiate, sneak in brand new songs of a same series than the ones I am working on at the time.

-When absolutely necessary, cut some songs a bit, or take out a looped repeat, in order to have more space to add missing notes. (Item Number 3)

-When possible, extend songs that weren't able to reach the end before. This one has to be balanced with Item Number 3 and 5.


Progress report:

Series/OSTs finished so far:

Ace Attorney

Bravely Default

Breath of Fire



Chrono Trigger



Final Fantasy

Fire Emblem 

Golden Sun

Hajime No Ippo

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure




Megaman Battle Network




Octopath Traveler


Persona and SMT

Phantasy Star


Sonic the Hedgehog

Star Fox

Tales of  Series





Violet Evergarden






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