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The Re:Compose Project

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Hello everyone. As you have been seeing, I have been toiling to remake every song I have composed in the past,

while also improving it as much as possible.

This project has been very long and still isn't even half finished. But I consider it worth the effort, to have super nice quality music for everyone.


Things that are supposed to be done:

-Give every track of a song the tempo markers. (This is known as the easiest way to "Chime-Proof" songs)

-Give every track of a song a rest at the start. (To allow people to join in Freestyle Jams without losing too many starter notes)

-Fix notes that sound weird, and add missing flairs and other accompainments, while still managing to be inside mabi limits. (1200, 800, 500)

-When appropiate, sneak in brand new songs of a same series than the ones I am working on at the time.

-When absolutely necessary, cut some songs a bit, or take out a looped repeat, in order to have more space to add missing notes. (Item Number 3)

-When possible, extend songs that weren't able to reach the end before. This one has to be balanced with Item Number 3 and 5.


Progress report:

Series/OSTs finished so far:

Ace Attorney

Bravely Default



Chrono Trigger



Final Fantasy

Fire Emblem 

Golden Sun

Octopath Traveler


Persona and SMT

Phantasy Star

Sonic the Hedgehog

Tales of  Series





Series/OSTs  in progress:

Touhou   (done with 1,2,3,4,5,6,  7,  17, 18, Music CDs, All the Spin-off Games,  and Seihou 1 and 2 so far)

Pokemon (done with Main series, spinoffs pending)




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