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Non Non Biyori Song Request

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Song: Hidamari Michi To Ren-Chon
Composer: Hiromi Mizutani
Anime: Non Non Biyori
Piano Arrangement by Sean Adamson
MML Created by LifeisReal

Full Solo (Piano with Pan Flute): 1879 notes (Best played on piano)

Duo - Piano: 1713 notes 
Duo - Pan Flute: 167 notes

EDIT: Corrected piano track on April 5, 2019.

Non Non Biyori DUO - Pan Flute 167 notes.ms2mml

Edited by LifeisReal
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I realized I made a huge mistake near the end of the song where the fast notes going higher and higher was actually 1 octave above where they should have been. The corrections have been made in the piano files, since only 1 track had to be changed, so it lessened by 5-6 notes. Use these instead.

Non Non Biyori DUO - Pan Flute 167 notes.ms2mml Non Non Biyori DUO - Piano 1713 notes.ms2mml Non Non Biyori FULL SOLO 1879 notes.ms2mml

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