Hello Milletians!

I will be joining each server for a fun little concert event. If you wish to perform with your group, please submit your server and each of your names. I will pick 5 groups to play a song on the stage in MabiLand. You can pick whatever song you would like to play. Just follow these instructions for a chance to perform:

How to Participate:
- Post your in-game name/server along with the name of your band mates on this thread
- Include what song you will be performing and the instruments each one of you will be using
- Submit your application by Tuesday, April 14 at 12 PM Pacific
- We will then randomly pick 5 bands from each server to perform their song on the stage in MabiLand
- Prizes will be given to the people performing. If you show up to cheer them on, who knows what may be in store for you as well

Date and Time:
The performances will be held at the following times on Wednesday, April 15

Mari - 10:30 AM
Tarlach - 11:30 AM
Alexina - 12:30 PM
Ruairi - 1:300 PM

Hope to see you there!