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I can't get around this /TT_TT\ plz help!

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I've been trying to edit the "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" theme and play it on MapleStory 2

My only concern is getting from M69 to the end nothing else.

But as soon as I hit M82 the whole thing falls off..  I'm just using    t145    and raising a couple of the velocities but that shouldn't mess it up as far as I know.. and I don't know much tbh.

Please save me, This is what it looks like

PS: You won't hear the mess unless you take it to MapleStory 2 Music Sheet Composer so here's the >>ms2mml file<<  :


ssbu fail.ms2mml

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Guest Hisokai

Can't help with the thing you shared as it only includes the last part of the song which is tangled spaghetti for whatever you messed up on I can only presume. But do hit me up with a message if you need help in untangling it up with the proper files.

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