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Request: Final Fantasy, "One-Winged Angel"

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Hello. I would love to be able to jam with my friends using this song. I don't have any musical talent, but appreciate the medium alot. If you play Maplestory 2, I am blinnx. You can PM me or something and I'll try to pay you back for the song.


Preferable I'd like this to be a multi-man ensemble. I don't feel 1 would do it justice. 


This is my first request, so please alert me if I'm doing something wrong here hahahaa. Happy to change/follow le rules.



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It's safe in orchestra, it would take 10 intrument and more. I propose you in small orchestra of 4 person with in ideals a violin, a cello obligatory, a bass of preference (but a piano can do the staff) and a 4th can play a little bit of everything (I have test with harmonica, pan flute or even the harp). All instruments that require less than 3k characters .





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