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  1. Mythra

    Pokemon Sun/Moon - Lillie's Theme

    5k characters. Theme lillie.ms2mml
  2. Mythra

    Tales of Berseria - Velvet's Theme

    Here in 3k character . This is my person favourite of the series Tales of . Edit : Adding a 10k version Theme velvet.ms2mml theme velvet ver2.ms2mml
  3. Mythra

    Carnival Phantasm - Super Affection

    Here in less than 3k characters . super affection.mml
  4. Mythra

    Request Kaine (Salvation) From NieR: Gestalt

    Try this to see, I think the result is the one expected. The 2 parts are in 3k characters . nierAutomata-Kaine(piano part).ms2mml nierAutomata-Kaine(violin part).ms2mml
  5. Mythra

    Request: Final Fantasy, "One-Winged Angel"

    It's safe in orchestra, it would take 10 intrument and more. I propose you in small orchestra of 4 person with in ideals a violin, a cello obligatory, a bass of preference (but a piano can do the staff) and a 4th can play a little bit of everything (I have test with harmonica, pan flute or even the harp). All instruments that require less than 3k characters . One-Winged_Angel(Cello_part).ms2mml One-Winged_Angel(Violin_part).ms2mml One-Winged_Angel(Bass_part).ms2mml One-Winged_Angel(4th_part).ms2mml
  6. Mythra

    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu

    It's on purpose. Not at all. Certainly the problem of the site since yesterday.
  7. Mythra

    Ragnarok title and prontera?! o.o

    I had already worked on it but I know more why I had abandoned (can be a lot of music to do ^^ ') and voila it gives. I confirm that the theme is so vast to enter into a 10k. This part already makes 8k . theme_prontera.ms2mml
  8. Mythra


    Here it is , 5k characters . Flymetothemoon.ms2mml
  9. Mythra

    Maplestory Ellinia: Missing You

    I don't know, the file for the game. MS-ellinia.ms2mml
  10. Mythra

    Robot Boy - Linkin Park

    Here it is in 5k characters. Linkin_Park_Robot_Boy.mml
  11. Mythra

    Numb by Linking Park

    Hello ,Here in 5k characters . Linkin_Park_Numb.mml
  12. Mythra

    Kingdom Hearts II - Passion

    Hmmm... 10k characters. KH2-Passion.mml
  13. Mythra

    Maplestory Ellinia: Missing You

    I just finished it right now. Here it is in 5k characters. MP-ElliniaMissingYou.mml
  14. Mythra

    Devil Survivor 2 - Take your way

    This is made of my own person. 3 k character DevilSurvivor2.mml
  15. Mythra

    MS2: Pokémon Heros - Search for the girl

    Here. In 10k and solo. I just test the piano, you see who you want to play with. Pokemon-Search_for_the_Girl.mml