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[Alexina] Concerts Return

[Alexina] Concerts Return   

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  1. 1. Would you like the concerts to return?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. If yes, where should the concert be held?

    • Emain Restaurant
    • Emain Stage
    • Other
    • No preference
  3. 3. Would you be willing to participate?

    • Yes!
    • No.
    • Possibly...

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Hello everyone! My name is Poke and some of you may know me for hosting concerts on the weekends. Sadly since I left they weren't able to be kept alive and I'd like to change that!
Currently I am looking for bards with a wild selection to try to reduce repetitive/over used songs. This is also to ensure that we have enough acts to keep us going for a while.

I'm currently looking for some help from the community on some input!

Before the concerts where held at Emain at the Stage but due to an update it was then moved to Emain Restaurant.

I'd like some input on possible locations which aren't too big to load so that no one lags out (Locations like Tara cause immense lag for some players).

Traditionally this would be 2 hours before the Banquet on Saturday. 
Personally I'd like to start before then now as I work overnight and this causes conflict with my schedule. 

I'd like to ensure people are going to come so if you're willing to play in it then please note me at Pokemonher01

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I have no preference on where to host the concerts. However, I would highly suggest a place that I feel hasn't been explored enough, and that is Ch3 Tir Chonaill School. The reason I have for this is actually quite simple.

-It's the least latency-intensive location in the entire game.
-The location is rather small, so it's hard to actually miss the concert.
-First-time players start in this location.
-Ch3 is the default channel for first-time players.
-Everyone has access to this location's moon gate by default.
-Many of the beginner's quests involve this location.

That way, we have the best of both worlds. Not only is it latency-friendly, not only will people pass by and be able to see the concert, but we can potentially draw new and upcoming players into wanting to play and compose music.

I very highly suggest 5-8pm EST for the time zones. That way, night owl Europeans can at least be able to participate (it'll likely be 10pm to 1am for them), as well, many people come home from school, college, or work, around 5pm EST in the states, which is around the time for them to wind down after a hard day's work.

As for myself, I'd like to attend, but I can't guarantee being able to participate. Life's been getting in the way for me, and now more than ever now that I have to take care of someone that is essentially bedridden. Not to mention, my memory is about as sharp as a dull knife in a kitchen drawer. So, I will need a reminder that these are actually happening. DM me on discord, or something. But if I can afford to, and if I actually *remember* to, I'll definitely attend and make some noise.

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