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3MLE - Maplestory 2 Edition 4.1

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Notice - Some versions of Google Chrome are giving a false positive saying the file might be harmful. However the file is completely clean as can be seen by this independent virus scanner here.

About This File

This version of 3MLE is specifically geared toward the game MapleStory 2. It has the instrument list, and sounds from the game.

What's New in Version 3   See changelog



  • Added the following instruments:
    • Recorder
    • Celesta
    • Snare Drum
    • Bass Drum
    • Cymbals

Please note that for the snare, bass, and cymbals to work they must be played on a specific note. In-Game only uses 1 note as well but it allows you to actually place the notes on any octave and it will sound the same. Due to limitations with 3MLE this is not something that can be done very easily without manually splicing all of the sound .wav files into copies of each other for every single note to avoid the automatic pitch bending.

In the instrument drop down it says next to it what note it works on.

Snare Drum: D2
Bass Drum: C2
Cymbals: C3

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