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  • Credits & Thank You's


    Thank you for using the MabiBeats.com 3MLE version! This 3MLE has been modified to include the most recent instrument sounds, and instrument definition lists.


    Thanks to,

    • Yasuno - Maker of MabiBeats & MapleBeats
    • Blargel - Merging the NA .dls file with KR to include Festival Instrument Sounds, adding the Harp, And updating it for the Music Q Changes.
    • Tanino - Updated Instrument Definitions to include most recent instruments
    • ADirtyCouch - For providing the KR festival .dls file
    • ALOE - Original maker of 3MLE
    • Nexon - Maker of Mabinogi


    Also a big thanks to our Song Submission Review team, Site Moderators, and other volunteers and staff for keeping MusicalNexus.net running smooth!






    [Updated 09/20/2019]

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