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Submissions to the Solo database for MapleBeats are temporarily frozen as we work to catch up the current pending list.
If you can speak Japanese and English we are looking for some volunteers to help us create a translated language option for Musical Nexus. Please message Yasuno on the website or in Discord


  1. pkbwgsc

    Subreddit for ms2mml files

    So someone decided to start a subreddit specifically for sharing ms2mml files (or the text equivalent) 2 days ago. I guess if composers would like to drop by to cross post or someone wants to let other people see more ms2mml files, you could drop by there. If this breaks any forum guidelines (I don't think this post breaks any, but also haven't been around long enough to see any unspoken rules) feel free to delete mods. Subreddit here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ms2mml/
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