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  1. I'm trying to get this MIDI into Maplestory 2: https://musescore.com/user/5379681/scores/4216626 For use on the new 'Fire Axe Bass Guitar', as there aren't really any solo bass tracks around, but I can't seem to get 3MLE - Maplebeats to sound anything like the midi and even less so in the game itself. Maybe the score itself isn't playable in the game, I can't read music score so I have no idea really.. But it would be awesome if it is possible! If someone could possibly offer some tips it would be greatly appreciated There also doesn't seem to be a bass guitar instrument type in 3MLE unless that is what the 'Pick Bass Guitar' is? Edit: Attached mml is the best I can do I guess, It sounds kinda awful, I'm guessing there's just no distortion available in the game. Anesthesia_Pulling_Teeth.mml
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