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    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders - Stand Proud

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    Dragon Maid Bottoms

    also great for pink other costumes
  3. Hello , Im kinda having problem with a midi that has about 11 Harmonies in a first track and 4 in the second , when setted all tempos and merged together its makes 15 harmonies in 1 track and when i optimize all of them , some of the track that had lower chords end up having just a chord line,im still kinda newbie on it and really want to know how to ,like,Im not having problem with the char but yes the track when pasting into a score because theyre over the limit. So i would like to ask help about the tracks with one chord because they were filled most with rests.Thanks and sorry for my english or explaination >3<
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