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  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky - Bandit Radio

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      Intermediate (5K Notes) Piano

      Download MS2MML File
      How do I use this?

      Author Comment

      Omitted the chords to keep under 5k. Stay cheeki breeki, comrades.


      Imported from:


      (I'm not the MIDI author)


      Edit: Apologies, I just realized I forgot to increase the volume before submitting. I'll update it sometime next week and possibly add the extra chords back in. I didn't realize how affordable the 10k note sheets actually were.

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    It's like I'm really squatting around an oil-drum campfire, waiting to die in the ravaged wastes of a once-beautiful wonderland!

    Response from the author:

    Game only have western spy squat. :/


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    Absolutely blyatiful. Would destroy Duty's base again.

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    Ahh emlaaaa cheky breeky iv damke ! ❤️ 

    you did it manually ? or used a program to convert it ? 

    Response from the author:

    I used this tutorial by another member of the community:


    You can import midi files directly into 3MLE provided on the website, but there is some manual tinkering you have to do to get the tracks to line up correctly. Since only one note can be played at a time per track in MS2, each note in a chord will require it's own track. 3MLE only assigns the tempo changes to the first track, so you have to manually type them in at the same timestamps across all additional tracks, otherwise they will desync when played in MS2. If you have a song with no tempo changes, you only have to add them in at the start iirc.

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