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  • Deltarune - The Field of Hopes and Dreams

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      Intermediate (5K Notes) Harpsichord

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      Please support Deltarune by downloading it here: https://www.deltarune.com/


      Jeck Notes: After playing UT- I got rubbed the wrong way because of the fandom. It got to the point where seeing the characters projected just bad things into my head so in turn I avoided UT for what it was. Its fandom was a different beast than Homestuck for sure and it despite the fandom ruining things for me, I understood that UT brought a bunch of ideas to the table of Indie titles having a stand. Now that Deltarune is here, I gotta say- the additions both plot and mechanic wise made me love this new cast. I won't say much because of potential spoilers but oof I adore it.

      to those who stayed silent on social media for 24 hours, thank you.

      Midi source: https://musescore.com/user/15748691/scores/5292510

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    Missing a lot of notes

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    I assume you done this in Quantization Settings "1/32 notes" and you clearly did not convert the midi tracks into multiple MML tracks. 

    The song do not sound similar to the original

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