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  • Animal Crossing - K.K. Condor

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      Beginner (3K Notes) Pan Flute

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      I converted and tweaked a bit MIDI of the original song. It's my first time, tell me if you have any tips!

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    Oh my god. I NEED more K.k. Slider songs in MapleStory2, like Immediately! There's so many of them too that it would just be fantastic to have a whole inventory full of K.k. Slider songs. This sounds fantastic, especially on the pan flute! Excellent job! ?

    Response from the author:

    Thank you! I wasn't converting any music recently but yes! I love K.K. songs too , so I'll post more of them for sure! ?Not sure when though, because solo hall is still closed for submissions :c But it's actually great that there are so many active musicians in this game

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