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  • Crayon Pop - FM

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      Maestro (10K Notes) Piano

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      Note: It's 5176 notes, based on what I see in MapleStory2. You can probably shorten it to below 5 by removing one of the tabs, but that'll be up to you. Also just posting music I was using in game and that I haven't seen others made or even heard about. Will I add more Kpop? Probably not, there's enough of those people already. Hopefully they work well as some might not translate well onto the site, maybe anyways as I have to change the format to MML.

      FM by Crayon Pop, a not too popular Kpop group, sadly, but still a pretty good song. The group was popular and weird enough to go on a tour with Lady Gaga I believe, so there's that.

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    thanks!!! i love crayon pop ❤️

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