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  • Marshmello + Bastille - Happier

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      Intermediate (5K Notes) Piano

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Good but volume too low...

    Response from the author:

    I'll edit the notes to add the ms2 volume code real quick and hopefully it helps! Thanks for the heads up!


    Edit: I went ahead and also updated the midi with a higher track volume, and pasted the "new" notes also.

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    · Edited by Slywyn

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    Still ridiculously quiet. And even manually changing the volume doesn't really help for whatever reason. Whatever you did to it obviously didn't work though.

    Sometimes the background noise of areas is louder than the song is.

    Also the amount of notes is only 3.9k. Definitely does not require a 10k sheet. Also it seems to cut off rather suddenly?

    The actual song is 3:54 and this version is 3:28, like something's missing.

    Response from the author:

    So I had updated it with the volume (v15) indicator, but didnt know there was an extra step to get the change implemented. My fault for not looking into it more thoroughly. I've done the extra step and now I have to wait for it to get approved. As far as the song missing notes, I can try to find a better Midi for the song as a whole since I found the midi for this version on MuseScore. Fingers crossed I can find a good one. I'll also update the note sheet needed, seems I selected the 10k by accident. Thanks for the review!

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