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  • Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love

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      Part 1 Intermediate (5K Notes) Saxophone

      Part 2 Maestro (10K Notes) Trumpet

      Part 3 Beginner (3K Notes) Piano

      Part 4 Maestro (10K Notes) Guitar

      Part 5 Maestro (10K Notes) Electric Guitar

      Part 6 Maestro (10K Notes) Pick Bass Guitar

      Part 7 Maestro (10K Notes) Piano

      Part 8 Intermediate (5K Notes) Piano

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      Author Comment

      SOOO... THIS SONG IS LIKE 8 MINUTES LONG. AND THE INTRO IS LIKE A WHOLE MINUTE. IT'S LONG. But anyways this was a fun thing to do. I couldn't get the percussion in because I couldn't get it figured out, especially not in the instruments I have left. The score I used as a base for this piece can be found here. If anyone has any advice or criticism of the piece let me know because I know it's not perfect but it's about as far as I could take it with having to listen to the whole 8 minutes myself to check for problems. Anyways, imperfect as it may be, I hope you guys like it! 

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