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  • Initial D - Night of Fire

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      Part 1 Beginner (3K Notes) Pick Bass Guitar

      Part 2 Maestro (10K Notes) Tom Tom

      Part 3 Maestro (10K Notes) Piano

      Part 4 Maestro (10K Notes) Trombone

      Part 5 Maestro (10K Notes) Pizzicato Violin

      Part 6 Maestro (10K Notes) Pizzicato Violin

      Part 7 Beginner (3K Notes) Violin

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      Author Comment

      Get your ensemble hyped with some sick Eurobeat goodness as you all drift into sheer musical ecstasy.

      Puns aside, this score was kind of a total beast, spanning about 31 tracks in 3MLE. I'm glad I got it done though because when I tested it ensembled in game it sounded pretty epic. As far as instruments go I think the trombone can easily be swapped for trumpet or possibly sax, and the tom toms can definitely be played on the timpanis to trade out meret instrument for a free one. I'm 100% convinced that the quick synth notes are best on the pizzicato, but if you plan on changing those, keep in mind they're 2 players sharing more or less 1 part, so keep those 2 parts as the same instrument for best results.

      I might possibly update this with some volume change etc if I can get more testing in, but we'll see on that.

      The score/midi file I worked off of can be found here.

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