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Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills

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    This code format is for the game Mabinogi, not MapleStory2.
    Author Comment By 🚩Falaflame
    Completed all the way up to the guitar solo at the end.

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Stuff like this makes me smile brightly :1_002:

Love when someone makes some of the GOOD electric guitar music ingame.

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Son of a gun! You did it! :happy: Now we can finally have the proper music for chasing those redskins back to their holes and fighting them at their own games! :banzai:Awesome work Fala!

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This song has been updated to fix a glitch that causes the song to end prematurely. Because this song changes tempo midway through, I made sure to add all the appropriate tempos on all tracks in their right places, and add a bunch of rest notes at the end of a track. I just tested the new code in-game and it works like a charm now.

I'm not going to bother updating the preview because the new edition sounds exactly the same. I just needed to add more tempo notes on other tracks and add rest notes at the end of a track. So audibly, it's not different at all.

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