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Re:Zero OST - Elegy for Rem/Requiem of Silence (WIP)

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    Hello! It's been a while. This has been my WIP recently; I've been wanting to work on this one ever since I've finished watching the series, but I've been having difficulty finding the time to do it because of school and because it's so lengthy. I'm probably close to half done with it, I think, but I just wanted to post what I've gotten so far; it's incomplete and doesn't sound as good without all the editing afterwards, and there's some more instruments that go with the song but I'll worry about that later. I had to transcribe by ear for the most part (everything besides the violin melody had been by ear, so RIP) since there's no full score of this piece (at least I think there isn't), so there's a lot of stuff I probably need fixing and going-back-to. Other than that, hopefully I can get back to finishing this after studies are done this quarter. Thanks in advanced for any feedback!

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My advice to you is
for Cymbals it tends to be the gong noise you want to use
the first part in the Cymbals you have is
"d+d+v2d+d+v3d+d+v4d+d+v5d+d+v6d+d+v7d+d+v8d+d+v5d2" personally I feel should be the other way around
It should end in the gongnoise but muffle it because it is loud
Used Tuned Cello and Violin! Normal Cello and Violin are good for those emotionally striking pieces and parts but Tuned is for darker deeper sounds far more serious.
I didn't pay much attention the the codes but comparing it to the video provided around 1:20 is when Violin comes in and it's far more serious no longer emotionally evoking like the beginning so this is where the Tuned Violin comes in
1:05 there is a 2nd Cello that plays long notes and are very low. This is the Tuned Cello's calling!
Also if you play the tuned cello, tuned violin, cello, and violin you get a very nice sound together I like it sounds so different.
Cause there is parts where you can play like 3:50 where multiple violins play and I think playing Tuned Violin and Violin and giving them the same notes or similar ones will give it the sound closest to it.
c: Have a nice day

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