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Major pet sale!

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Post here if you want them. I have the listings here, too.

Prices are about the equivalent of 5m -> 10k NX (or 5m --> $10 PayPal). Currently accepting offers of only NX and PayPal.

Bone Dragon - $20 /20k NX --SOLD OUT--
Ice Dragon - $20 / 20k NX **MEDAL ALREADY PROVIDED**
Thunder Dragon (1S) - $15+$6 / 15k+6k NX
Dark Cloud (2) - $10+$6 / 10k+6k NX --1 Sold, 1 Available--
Rainbow Nimbus - $10+$6 / 10k+6k NX
Fallen Fairy - $12+$6 / 12k+6k NX.
Astral Scooter - $14+$6 / 14k+6k NX
Perseus (2) - $12+$6 / 12k+6k NX
Nine Tailed Fox - $10+$6 / 10k+6k NX
Warp Imp - $8+$6 / 8k+6k NX

If you're also interested in any of those, let me know and I'll provide a price for those, too. I only have enough NX for one medal right now, however, so you may have to provide additional NX if you want the others.

If you must note me in-game, contact Holyn (Ruairi Server). I don't get on Tarlach Server enough to keep up with purchases.

If this thread doesn't get updated, you can always follow my Facebook group post, if you're in it.


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