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Swiftly Train Your Adv. Magic! (Fireball, Ice Spear, Thunder, etc.)

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:happy:   In less than a week you can Rank 5 one of your Advanced Magic Skills simply by grinding at the Shyllien Nature Reserve next to Filia!   :happy:

A lot of you probably already know about this, BUT for those who had no idea.. Here's a little guide to get ya started!

Step 1. If your earlier then episode 6 of the storyline The Saga: Iria. Entering the reserve won't be possible. Luckily we're able to switch the episode at whim! Select the saga icon displayed in the image!Step 1.JPG

Step 2. Select episode 6 or higher! If you already started an episode that doesn't allow access to the reserve, select the current episode and see step 3!

 Step 2.JPG

Step 3. Select STOP to end the current episode. (WARNING: If you switch or stop an episode. It WILL NOT save any progress you've made within the episode. You will have to start the episode over.

Step 3.JPG

Step 4. Ignore the grayed out text. All of the episodes will be white and available to be selected! Be sure to click on episode 6 or higher! 

Step 4.JPG

Step 5. At this point you can now make your way to the nature reserve North-East of Filia. Talk to the Teleport Mage and she will grant you entry.

Step 5.JPG

Step 6. Once you've entered the reserve. Head to the west side of the area as shown on the map. Talk with the Teleport Mage and head to whichever zone of your preference.

Step 6.JPG

Step 7. There will be anchored carnivorous plants that you can cast your advanced magic on. You can now quickly gain AP + EXP! (Be wary, the large plants can also cast Fireball.) 

Step 7.JPG


-A Certain Potato

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Honestly, Fireball/Ice Spear/Thunder isn't as hard to train as some of the other more annoying skills (such as Meteor Strike, Snapcast, and Spellwalk), but if you ever suffer from extremely high CP while training those skills, well...



Hope you like playing with eggs, spice, fruit, water, and the like, because they're going to be your best friend for a very long time.

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Was about to mention that it wouldn't help much for high-CP chars, but Fala got to that first. lol

Nice quick guide, though it is true that a lot of us probably know about SNR already.
I'm sure that it'll be useful for at least one person. :bingo:

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i just got all of my grinding for all my int magic skills in Shadow Cast City in tara, depending on your cp (if you can do hardmode do it) it determines your difficulty. Mobs are grouped up in packs of 5 each and there are plenty, you can easily train magic skills there. its pretty quick too.

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