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Maybe a lottery to promote composing and music in game


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im not necessarily familiar to this website and im a relatively new member to discussion on here, but i havent seen anything about actively promoting people to join in on the joys of music so perhaps there could be a lottery of little items to get beginning players interested in composing and whatnot :3

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or perhaps just create some sort of donation where people give instruments and scrolls to beginners to get them interested, instead of doing a luck based lottery. i do realize that this may have been attempted before and i may seem a bit naive for saying something but i was introduced into how to compose and playing music later in the game and have grown very fond of it. so i am sure that if there are people who are willing to help beginners to grow a love of their music we can make in mabinogi and perhaps even become a composer and helper on mabibeats adding their own unique songs and making new additions

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