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New Thursday Time Activity!


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So, During my last concert a few people came up with some ideas. Now, there will be a concert in my(tihana678) HS every Thursday for the next while. We'd like to add some other flair besides music, such as catering, a play, a joke intermission, and even a prize or two at the end! Bards can line up beind the fences. I Hope I've said something that may be of interest to you. Please come and enjoy! We'll be on channel 4 or 6. I'll be in Dunby by the unicorn statue to let people in. We dont have a set time schedule yet, but, it will be in the late afteroon to early/late evening. Come and go as you please. 


Now............down to the.........the............*sniffles*........... other stuff........

IM in desperate need of volunteers! Such as Chefs... and people to bring firewood. I can supply any music things needed. Bards also! If interested and would like to know anything else, please PM me.

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