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I'm cleaning out my inventory and hopefully coming out with a Talvish Set (anyone here selling the set w/o wig?). I got a lot of random stuff :P

Here's my selling list:

  • r3 Bargain Green Beams (x2)
  • White SAO Heathcliff Gauntlet
  • Butterfly Shoes (M)
  • Hamlet Wig
  • Bear Rag Doll
  • Fox Cap
  • Innocence of the Lute
  • Eternal Rest
  • Maike Transformation Medal
  • Champion Knuckles
  • Thames Plate Armor 1/1
  • Pilot Outfit
  • Battle School Outfit (M)
  • Premium Winter Fur Wear (F)
  • Salamander Wings
  • Solar Glory Piano (The colors remind me of Shyllien)

Please note me offers (Xygdrasil) or reply here. Thanks! :D

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