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Selling/Buying List~ ^^


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I wish there were more posts in the Ruairi market... QwQ

Feels like we are so unpopular. ;-;


I will update this as things change. ^^





~ Ensemble (Enchant for Instruments)

~ HANDBELLS (Except for A)

~ Mythril Lance Armor (F)

~ Sheep Ear Headband

~ Rhetoi's Rabbit Gloves (F)

~ Good morning dress for 1mil

~ White Instrument Fixed Dye Ampoule

~Ice Flutes -200k



Hot Pot Table


Direct Dye Ampoule (Wings of Taun) Pale Yellow


Tanuki Anju Mini-Gem



Antlers of Tuan
Antonio's Costume (G15)
Asuna ALO Outfit (x2)
Asuna ALO Shoes
Bat Boots (x3)
Bat Crown (F)
Bat Crown (M)
Bat Dress (x8)
Bat Hat
Bat Jacket (M)
Bell Fox Ornament
Belmont Hat (M)
Bunny Ribbon Suit
Cat Ear Headband
Chinese Dragon Boots
Chinese Dragon Gauntlets(x2)
Colossus Helm
Crinoline Dress
Crystal Antlers
Cute Princess Dress (F) (x2)
Dainty Corsage
Elegant Gothic Dress Short Type (x2)
Elegant Gothic Suit (x2)
Emerald’s Celtic Ensemble (F) (x3)
Emerald’s Celtic Ensemble (M)
Emerald’s Classic Celtic Boots (F) (x2)
Emerald’s Classic Celtic Hairband
Emerald’s Classic Celtic Hat (x2)
Emerald’s Classic Celtic Shoes (M) (x3)
Ghostly Eastern Vampire Outfit (M)
Ghostly Eastern Vampire Shoes (F)
Gothic Laced Skirt
Gothic Riding Shoes (M)
Gothic Riding Suit (x4)
Heart Eyepatch (For Elves) (x2)
Heart Eyepatch (For Humans and Giants)
Heart-Shaped Glasses
Hebona Robe
Hypno Glasses
Ice Skates (M)
Incubus Siren Boots (F)
Incubus Siren Horns (F)
Incubus Siren Mini-Dress (x3)
Jackel Wizard Suit For Men
Karis Wizard Suit
Kitsune Headband
Kitty Hand Gloves 
Lisbeth Wig
Lovely Snowflake Coat (M)
Lovely Snowflake Hat (M)
Majestic Stag Headband
Men's Tengu Gloves
Men’s Tengu Hat (x2)
Ninja Hagi's Wig
Ninja Hagi’s Gloves
Party Ensemble
Party Ensemble (M) (x2)
Pumpkinface Outfit (F)
Rainbow Sheep Jumpsuit
Red Succubus Helmet
Romantic Evening Dress (x2)
Romantic Tailcoat (x2)
Ronin Shoes (F)
Ronin Wig (F)
Shamala Outfit (F) (x5)
Skate Helmet (M)
Skating Outfit (M)
Snowboard Beanie
Snowboard Boots (F)
Snowboard Gloves (F)
Snowboard Outfit (M)
Snowflake Boots
Striped Kitty Hat (x2)
Swan Lake Headpiece (x2)
Swan Lake Outfit (x2)
Swan Lake Shoes
Terra Gothic Full Dress
Terra Gothic Suit
Theatrical Troupe Boots (F)
Winter Princess Boots
Winter Princess Coronet


Celtic Crossbow (x3)
Celtic Royal War Hammer (x2)
Celtic Royal Warrior Axe
Celtic Tribolt Wand
Celtic War Hammer
Celtic Warrior Axe

Bracer Knuckle (x2)
Chef's Passion (x4)
Demonic Death Knight Sword
Demonic Illusion Control Bar
Demonic Infinite Bow
Eweca’s Light Short Sword
Full Moon Ladeca Shield
Krutta Broad Sword (Rank 1)
Mini Club Spear
Moist Ripple Tidal Wave Cylinder
Rebis Guard Cylinder
Rigid Professor's Beholder’s Shield
Roll Cake Cylinder(x5)
Shield Of Avon (x2)
Sun Prophet Colt (x4)
Starblade Shuriken
Trinity Staff




Hamelin's Tuner

Solar Glory Cello (x2)
Solar Glory Lyre
Solar Glory Piano (x3)
Solar Glory Standing Microphone (x2)
Solar Glory Violin (x3)
Violin (x2)



Flying Puppet Orb 

Cichol Flying Puppet
Frozen Fairy Flying Puppet
Macha Flying Puppet
Morrighan Flying Puppet
Morrighan Puppet
Neamhain Flying Puppet
Odd-Eye Belisha Support Puppet
Shadow Bat Flying Puppet


   2nd Titles

Be Careful Of Icy Roads 2nd Title Coupon (x3)
Halloween Party 2nd Title Coupon
I Hope It Rains On Christmas 2nd Title Coupon



 Training Pots


Enchant Training Potion
Healing Training Potion

Chain: Charging Strike Training Potion
Chain: Drop Kick Training Potion (x3)
Chain: Pummel Training Potion (x2)
Chain: Somersault Kick Training Potion

Daemon of Physis Training Potion (x4)
Soul of Chaos Training Potion (x2)
Spirit of Order Training Potion (x2)

Battlefield Overture Training Potion (x3)
Enduring Melody Training Potion (x2)
Lullaby Training Potion (x4)
Playing Instrument Training Potion
Vivace Training Potion

Colossus Marionette Training Potion  

Fishing Training Potion (x2)
Refining Training Potion (x2)

Heat Buster Training Potion (x3)
Mana Crystallization Training Potion (x3)
Metal Conversion Training Potion (x3)
Synthesis Training Potion (x2)



Lorna's Goldbox
Pan's Goldbox (x2)

Ancient Magic Powder (x5)

Eweca And Ladeca Spell Book
Ladeca And Palala Spell Book

Blacksmith Manual - Shield Of Avon
Romeo And Juliet Script  

Ogre’s Letter Of Guarantee (x3)
Ogre’s Fine Letter Of Guarantee (x24)
Goblin's Letter Of Guarantee (x18)
Imp's Letter Of Guarantee (x9)
Imp's Fine Letter Of Guarantee (x6)

Fine Gem Powder (x25)
Regular Gem Powder (x40)

Bounty Hunter Card (Bronze) (x3)

Speed Walk Potion 30% (5 Min) (x12)
Speed Walk Potion 30% (10 Min) (x6)
Speed Walk Potion 40% (5 Min)
Speed Walk Potion 40% (10 Min) (x2)


Rest In Paradise (Rest 8>9)

Christmas Chair
Homestead Halloween Coffin

Blue Upgrade Stone (x36)

Honey Butter Corn Chips (x5)

I Love You Gesture Coupon (x2)



Various Accessories
Various Fixed Color Dye Ampoules
Various Gems
Various Gesture Cards
Various Pet Fixed Dye Ampoules
Various Potent Avon Drama Crystals
Various Spirit Weapon Custom Color Dye Ampoules
Various Totems

Various Shadow Mission Crystals


(Note Koami for specifics on all “Various” if interested)

IGN: Koami

Feel free to note offers or respond here~

Edited by Koami
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I'm unable to find any of the following:

Aer 2nd Title
Castanea 2nd Title
Juliet 2nd Title
Kristell 2nd Title
Kusina 2nd Title
Lassar 2nd Title
Master Tin 2nd Title
Pierrick 2nd TItle
Shena 2nd Title

As a result, I might look to buying the halloween title. I only have, however, 2m to spare, so I'd probably have been only able to buy the lower-end coupons anyway.
And if you ask, I am a mage, so I want titles that increase my Magic Attack stat.

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