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Best Cylinder for Wind/Earth Alchemy?


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Ok so I'm gonna get into Alchemy and the only skills I plan on using are: Hydra, Shock, Life Drain, Raincast, Sand Burst and Frozen Blast. I'm also debating if Barrier Spikes are worth it.

So since im mainly using Earth/Wind related stuff, what should I get? Gospel, Hurricane, or Earthquake?

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It depends on how much you care to maximize effectiveness for each individual skill. If you want maximum effectiveness, you will want both the Hurricane (+36% wind, -12% everything else) and Earthquake (+18% earth, -6% everything else) to switch between. If you don't care for effectiveness and would rather only have one cylinder, then Gospel is probably your best bet. It'll have the same base effectiveness (+/- 0% on all elements) as a regular cylinder, but the upgrades are a bit better.

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Alchemy damage usually only affects actual damage. For example, on Water Cannon, you'll get a bonus to the base damage if you use an upgraded Gospel. This bonus will be affected by charge multiplier as well which makes it stack up pretty high if you get enough bonus damage. Unfortunately, it will not affect things like freezing duration for Frozen Blast or golem size for Golem Transmutation.

Elemental boosts on the other hand will affect other things besides damage. Frozen blast duration, golem size, blinding duration, rain cloud duration, barrier spike health, and probably a lot of other stuff that I forgot will get boosted if you have the corresponding elemental boost on your cylinder. For damage, rather than adding to the base damage, it is added to the multiplier -- the same place in formula Alchemy Mastery and [X Element] Alchemy skills would add their bonuses. Chances are this elemental boost will increase your damage a bit better than the alchemy damage upgrades on the Gospel Cylinder, assuming rank 1 alchemy skills.

Since most of the skills you're using aren't really intended for damage, except for Hydra, you should probably carry an Earthquake and a Hurricane. Assuming, of course, that you don't mind switching cylinders every time you want to use a skill with a conflicting element.

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