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I can never get these intro posts right and usually re-read them in a squirming fashion as they always come out a bit odd, but here goes.

Greetings Fellow Bards of Mabinogi, I am Vonya of the Tarlach server and member of the Resonanze guild. I started Mabinogi as a tailor, but was enthralled by nearby bards playing random (and badly transcribed) pokemon tunes and have since endevoured towards the bardic, social aspect of the game. You will often find me most nights (UK time) playing various musical compositions from a variety of sources and have been dubbed the Human Jukebox by my guild (mostly for constatly carrying approximatly 100 scores on me and always updating/changing my list of available music).

I generally take requests for compositions, mostly because all the music I want to write either has already awesome versions or are impossibly ambitious. The few I have alreayd posted here are not exactly brilliant, but are all that remains from a recent computer upgrade/rebuild/fixing melted bits.

Anyways, music awaits!


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