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Hiring personal chef.

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It appears no one I've asked around on my friends list has any Rundal Dungeon Pass Boxes, and I've only gotten 2 notes about buying rundal dungeon pass boxes, and neither of them came in stacks.

If I want things done right, I'll have to do them the hard way.

Anyone with free time want to step it up with cooking? Post your time zones here, and post a salary I'll pay you for cooking the food, and let me know how long you'll keep up with the cooking before you're tired of it. Your cooking has to be at least r9 or above, enough to cook Hot Spring Monkey food. You'll be making Shrimp Fried Rice most of the time.

If you get any r2>1 composing books, you may keep em for yourself. I don't care about those. I just want the Rundal Dungeon pass boxes.

IGN (Tarlach) is Reihoken if you want to contact me through there. I respond through notes faster than I'll respond here anyway.

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