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Commerce Reforge Tool: 400k ea (2 in stock)
Ronin Wig (M): 400k
Juliet Transformation Token: 250k ea (2 in stock)
Rian Transformation Token: NMO
Gertrude Transformation Token: NMO
Masked Python Knight Transformation Token: 250k
Kristell Doll Figure: 100k ea (6 in stock)
Fixed Dye Ampoule (255,230,98): 300k ea (6 in stock)
Fixed Dye Ampoule (0,238,255): 300k ea (3 in stock)
Fixed Dye Ampoule (86,186,191): 100k
Fixed Dye Ampoule (0,0,0): 800k
Diamond (5cm): 75k ea (2 in stock)
Ice Spear Pg4: 100k ea (2 in stock)
Shock Pg8: 100k ea (2 in stock)
Cutie Gesture Card: 100k ea (2 in stock)
Lyre: 100k ea (too many to count)
Hand Chimes: 25k ea (dont know how many i have, but i have way more than one)
Seeds: 10k ea (way too many to count)

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