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So much self-flattering on here.

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Hi everyone. im new here and id just like to say, I'm quite disgusted by all the self-flattering on here. Obviously the most notable is from the very "staff: itself.

2. so much annoying GIFs for their profile picture its ridiculous. specifically 1 person but who cares.

another thing of note, ive also noticed alot of blatant copy pasting of other people's works onto here which doesn't belong to them.

anyways, best of regard to you peeps.

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Locking this because it's worded in a way that incites arguments. If you have a problem with members or staff, please bring it up with them in PMs. Also, if you have proof that someone is copypasting MMLs without permission and claiming it as their own, please report them. There is a button on each submission to report a submission and we actually do not condone that sort of behavior.

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