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Simplified Guide to defeat G21 Doppleganger

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I have seen many strategies, which all differ from each other.

Also, most of them are Human (Final Hit), or Giant (Wind Guard+Bash) specific, which is unfair to people of the other races, (specially Elves).


Therefore, I will share this simplifed way of doing it. Works for all races.



1. Finish G12 to have access to Brionac.

2. Have a few ranks of Wings of Eclipse and a few rebirths under your belt, to be able to use Demigod for a while at least once. 

(this step is accomplished by the time you have finished Step 1, plus 1-2 weeks of leveling)

3. Have a Average/Above-Average Dual Gun. (Dowra Golden Guns, or other Guns fully upgraded should suffice). (dont forget some Mana Bulelts)

4. Have around 500 Str and Int, to be able to do decent damage with the Guns.

5. Have Rank 5+ Way of the Gun and Rank 3+ Gun Mastery (for more dmg and time in Way of Gun mode)

6. Equip speed enhancing gear. Morrighan's Feather is given in g21 storyline, but any more, the better, (specially for the slow Humans)

7. Recommended: At least 2 Pets that self-revive.

nothing else is required!


Steps to defeat him:


First Phase

1. Start the battle by killing the 4 Clones by other means (Bash works wonders)

2. when the Doppleganger begins trying to summon more clones the first time, go press the switches inmediately.

3. as soon as you pressed the 4th switch, enter Demigod and Wings of Eclipse mode.

4. equip the Brionac and hit the Doppleganger with normal attacks. 15-20 hits should suffice (this will take off 1, maybe 2 dura off your Brionac)

5. by that moment, he will summon clones again. press switches.

6. Repeat Step 4 and Step 5. at that moment, he will have been hit 30-40 times, and the Protection will be mostly done.

7. Equip your Dual Guns, start Way of the Gun, and well...start hitting him. Normal Attacks work too but in W of Gun mode its faster since criticals.

8. Optional: Your Demigod might be running out, if not been gone already, so sometimes the Doppleganger's FlameBurst will annoy. to prevent it,

run a few steps to him, then do a Windmill, then keep Gunning him.

With this strategy, any character who completed G20 beforehand should be able to bring the boss' HP down to 50% in around 5 minutes.


Second Phase.

1. The Doppleganger will get angry and try to cast the OHKO move instead. Dont try to stop it with hitting the switches, just keep hitting him.

2. After around 10 seconds, summon a Pet, any works, but its highly recommended to have self-reviving ones to save time and deal more hits to the boss.

3. Get on the Pet and keep your distance until he summons the Shadow Spirit, and let it hit the Pet.

4. The Pet should die inmediately but the move didnt hit you. Keep attacking.

5. Repeat Steps 1-4 until it dies.

With this strategy, the latter 50% HP of the boss should be down in around 3 minutes.



Giants can replace the Dual Guns with Bash-spam, provided the weapon is strong enough (Sp Upgrade up to Red 3 should work nicely), as long as they are under

Wings of Eclipse, or  Wind Guard, which works as a "2nd Demigod" to be able to hit nonstop.

Humans can replace the Dual Guns with Final Hit, provided the weapon is strong enough (same as Giant).

They dont even need Wings most of the time.



1. Use Brionac to lower the boss Protection.

2. Use then either a weapon with very high attack speed and injury (Dual Guns), or  a Race-specific Skill to hit nonstop (Wind Guard, Final Hit)

3. In Phase 1, stop hitting the boss to hit the switches every time.

4. In Phase 2, ignore the switches, and use a Pet to take the Shadow Spirit for you.




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