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Alchemy by Alchemy [WIP]


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So basically I'm in the progress of writing a comprehensive Alchemy guide. I'll probably update it a few times a day. I intend to hit everything EVER. Reforges, every skill, gear, equipment, damage formulas. I even plan to incorporate my interactive damage spreadsheets into this.

Anyways, I just started this today and I'll keep it updated. Comment, Criticize, and enjoy.


My biggest question right now is if I should include the wiki tables for skill ranks in each of the skill sections, should I?

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Don't expect too much too fast. Between school and work it's just going to crawl along. Just figured I'd get a nice compendium of my knowledge and share it. But, do you think I should add in the wiki skill tables into the document?

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Yeah, I got banned for harassing/trolling Arjune this time. I'm heavily contemplating dropping the third person chat structure as I feel it's detrimental to my opinions and influences me to be more obnoxious that I normally am.


as for this guide I plan to have it done in a week or so. I changed up the formatting to one skill per document page and added in the wiki charts for reference. My goal is to have skills done tomorrow so I can get to the meat of formulas and gear. Now that I think about it I'll have to do the r-type vs s-type discussion in this guide as well.

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