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Request: Bleach Ending 28/UNLIMITS - Haruka Kanata

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If you want it to be a solo piece, I am not sure I could get the character count low enough.
(That version of the song is already 5039/10,000 characters at less than half the length of the full version).
I could possibly extend the song by a bit. However, I don't personally think you gain much given that melodies repeat a few times.
How the two pieces end is really the only major difference (besides the break around the 2:08 mark).


My personal opinion aside, I am willing to give it a try.
What I can do quickly do is increase the volume to 15 on all tracks and put in sustains. That will increase the volume a bit as well as lower the character count by a bit.
Then if you like how that sounds I can go an try to extend the length of the song and see where we end up.

How does that sound?

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I just checked where it would be enough to sound good for me.

Edit. Well missclicked

At 3:02 where the instrumental refrain starts you can repeat/extend it like the official end of the song. I hope this will not surpass the max. amount of notes.

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