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Xylophone songs please!

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Hello! I would like to request if possible songs adapted to the xylophone. I recently adquired it and barely any song that is out there sounds good on it. I noticed that the high notes sound good and fits the xylophone very well but the low notes sound...not so good in my opinon. I'm guessing cute tingly songs or songs adapted to high notes (sorry I'm not familiar with the correct terms!)  could work very well with the xylophone.

Also for some reason the volume of the xylophone is very very low.

I recorded the Doki Doki Literature Theme to show what I mean. This is one of the few songs that I think it fits very well, but in needs some adjusting for the xylophone. I also recorded New Bark Town song from Pokemon Gold/Silver to show what I mean with the low notes. I edited the sound to sound higher but in game is very low.

Hope someone can help, thanks!


Doki Doki Literature & New Bark Town.mp3

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