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New to MusicalNexus, but not music


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Hello to all of Musical Nexus, I am A-zu-ra.

I've had some on-and-off experience with MapleStory for several years, and I briefly dived a bit into Mabinogi back when it was first released. While I don't play Mabinogi right now, I've been having a blast with MapleStory 2, especially with the ability to make tunes with MS2 MML. The MML is much simpler than other MML systems I've worked with, and probably for the best considering how complex things can quickly get, though I hope someday that they'll be able to implement some more features to it for the more advanced composers.

Outside of MapleStory 2, I actually compose my own music and stream video games, among a plethora of other hobbies that I dive into like play music games, edit videos, write game design docs for games I wanna make someday, the list can go on and on and on (I have too many light hobbies orz).

I've submitted my first entry into MapleBeats that's still waiting for approval as of this post (it's a simple song from Katamari Damacy), and hope that I can contribute more to MusicalNexus in the future! I should mention, however, that I personally hand write all of my MML, so it might take some time between one song and another. I'll probably open a requests thread of my own someday, but until then, I'm gonna work diligently on posting what I personally like to see how the others like it.

Hope to make your acquaintance o7

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