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Alice in 冷凍庫 by Orangestar

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Guest Hisokai

And the ensemble version.

I don't know how many mistakes I made in this as I've not tested it so it might be off a lot.

Tested the song and it plays okay. There's a part that I should have left out of the harmonica and add to another instrument instead but its such a small bit that I can't be bothered really. To make the ensemble work with meso instruments only you can replace the Harmonica with a clarinet and the bass with a harp.


Alice - Big Drum [3k].ms2mml

Alice - Cymbals [10kk].ms2mml

Alice - Harmonica [3k].ms2mml

Alice - Piano [5k].ms2mml

Alice - Pick Bass [3k].ms2mml

Alice - Small Drum [3k].ms2mml

Edited by Hisokai
Tested the ensemble and added some insight on it
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