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REQUEST - Cubivore music! (theme1/mate/stage change)

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This game had such relaxing gentle and sometimes sorta intense but cool songs in it, but it's obscure... You spend any time looking up the OST for cubivore and I bet you may just want to take me up on this request for more music from the game! Please let me know if you're willing to take on the challenge. Some of the songs are quite intricate in ways I can't describe because I'm no musician. The title was intense for example with the notes flying all over the place.?Songs I'd adore hearing from the game most are any of the following.?

Theme 1?, Name Entry?, Stage Change?, Title, Greatest boss fight?, sleep sleep?️, Mate?, theme 3?, get symbol?.

If I had to choose one song from the game it'd have to be either Mate or Theme 1... But it's hard to choose.?


my ?ultimate dare? is for someone to create the song for the game titled "ending" for all the instruments involved. It'd be quite a huge challenge I think! It'd be too cool to find that in game. I'd make my friends all coordinate the songs :')



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