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Final Fantasy 8 - Fisherman's Horizon

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Hello !

I came with a 4 band song (pretty much easy, I just took this score : https://musescore.com/fantasysheets/scores/2641296 )

Here are the song :

FF VIII - Fisherman's Horizon - Clarinet.ms2mml (3k sheet)

FF VIII - Fisherman's Horizon - Oboe.ms2mml (3k sheet)

FF VIII - Fisherman's Horizon - Violin.ms2mml (3k sheet)

FF VIII - Fisherman's Horizon - Electric Piano.ms2mml (5k sheet)

You can replace the instruments (Electric Piano-Piano-harp-harpsichord, oboe-clarinet-ocarina-pan flute-sax, violin-cello) but it doesn't sound as good as the original (well, this song is not the original also)


The total song is 6:24, but in fact it's a ~2min loop done 3 times

Also here is the MML file (so you can open it and preview it in 3MLE ) : FF VIII - Fisherman's Horizon.mml

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Il y a 2 heures, MaxRaydon a dit :

@Medvjed The links you posted for each of the instruments are not working.

Weird, It works for me.

Can you download them but not import them ? Or it just doesn't work in game (Cause the Clarinet/Oboe/Violin have 30sec of playtime every 2minutes, they are only 500char sheet for a 6m song, they look pretty empty ingame)

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